Winter Decking

We work year-round in magnificent Colorado, and there are several excellent reasons that winter is a great time to get your deck work done:

BE READY when those beautiful early spring days come around. Your repaired or rebuilt deck will be ready to go, good as new.

THERE’S LITTLE DELAY between signing the contract and getting the work done. You avoid having to wait during the busy season once you’ve made the decision to move forward with your project.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, you get to take advantage of our deep winter discounts.

For us to stay busy during the off season, we offer you winter pricing that is about 5 to 7% less than during the busy season. Save from hundreds to more than a thousand dollars by having us do your project from December through mid-March, making winter probably the smartest time to get your redecking work done.

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Working Weather

Many people think that outside work can’t be done during the winter, and here on the Front Range, that could not be further from the truth.

While there are of course a few days here and there where we can’t work, as anyone who’s lived around here for long knows, our inclement weather is usually followed by days or weeks at a time of sunny skies and milder temperatures.

As long as the weather is over 20 degrees by 10 am, and it is not actually snowing, we will be working. Check the forecast (right) for getting your deck project done.

Getting Started

When you contact us, we’ll come to your place and look at your space, discuss design ideas, go over logistics, and quickly give you a competitive price for building or rebuilding your beautiful and functional outdoor living space.

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Composite Outdoor Decking Price